Balaxi | Corporate Governance

At Balaxi, we continuously emphasise on the importance of having a sound corporate governance in our business. We believe that a strong corporate governance is the cornerstone of our business. It constantly helps us to regulate risks in our practices and makes us potent to explore. 

Corporate Governance

Board & Board Committees

At Balaxi, we have strong formed strong Board Committees that advice and counsel us for making result-oriented business decisions.  

Our Board Committees plan and strategise goals for Balaxi over the short, medium and long term. These Committees are supported by a group of qualified and experienced members of Balaxi who share mutual goals with the organisation. Our Board guides us through all business decisions and helps us to sail through crises while maintaining our focus on achieving time-tested success.  

Corporate Governance
Strategic Growth

Our Board consistently works on enabling us to explore new opportunities, sustain our growth and steadily move towards longterm success.  

Our Code of Conduct

Our strong code of conduct helps us to drive consistent value in our organisation while ensuring ethical business conduct.  

Corporate Governance
Internal Growth

We lay great emphasis on having a sound Code of Conduct in place to ensure that our internal processes and systems function ethically and abide by the guidelines  

Our Code of Conduct defines our values and ensures that we are on the right path of growth. Through it, we aim to keep ourselves moving towards success while staying undeterred on our goals, mission, vision and guiding principles. Through our Code of Conduct, we aim to promote a culture of valuebased ethics across Balaxi that helps us to grow in the right direction.