Corporate social responsibilities


Balaxi Pharmaceuticals Limited (Balaxi) always strives for creating a warm space in the society by contributing its profit share towards the social cause of betterment of society. Balaxi discerns that social responsibility allows the Company's business interests to reunite with the admissible interests of the different stakeholders that may be affected and assumes the impact of the company's activities on the community in general and the environment.

CSR Projects or Programmes Approved by the Board of Directors

Board of Directors have identified the following CSR projects or programmes to be undertaken in the FY 2023-24:

1) Ongoing Project - Construction of Sri Saraswathi Vidya Mandir School, Hyderabad (Allocated Rs. 25.50 Lakhs from FY 2022-23 CSR Obligation and Rs. 14.50 Lakhs from FY 2023-24 CSR Obligation)

2) Educational Upliftment 

3) Promoting Healthcare including preventive healthcare

4) Any other activity covered under CSR Policy of the Company and permissible under Schedule VII to the Act.